If you don’t like donuts…or if you don’t like wine please look at this blog under advisement.  Or laughing, contemplating, reading, talking, eating, breathing, any of these necessary life sustaining things…then go away.

Oh, and also I will give you an easy out to reading my blog if any of the above didn’t stop you.  I’M NEW. That’s right, I’m a lily-white blogger.

Now, if you’re still here, you brave soul, then go grab a donut and some wine (cause that is what life is all about after all). You’re in for a bumpy ride and I’m not sure where you or I are going.

My name is Teresa Freeland. I live in the Midwest with my fantastic husband of over 35 years. Have two very brilliant daughters (they take after their father). And I love to write. This blog is going to be mostly about musings regarding all kinds of topics. But also I am going to add style, fashion, all things regarding being a contributing member of society but hopefully with some chutzpah!

Please let me know what you think. And thanks for taking a look!

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