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It’s hard to imagine that I am going on my seventh year as a blogger. I enjoy stories, both in the reading and the telling. There is always another situation, theme, interest or person to drive me to this keyboard. 

I don’t believe I am the best at what I do. I only know I have to do it. Creating lives or maneuvering circumstances around as if I’m a master Chess player gives me more than enjoyment, it gives me resolution.

My name is Teresa Freeland. I live in the Midwest with my fantastic husband of over 35 years. We have two very brilliant daughters (they take after their father). And I love to write. This blog contains musings regarding all kinds of topics. With an occasional reference to donuts and wine, of course.

My hope is that in visiting this website you take a moment to check out the posts, write a brief comment, and let me know what you think. And most of all, I do appreciate your stopping by.

Please let me know what you think. And thanks for taking a look!

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