window blog

Sometimes when I write I am perched upstairs at a desk in our second story home office.  Outside my window I can see quite a distance. And also, in very close view is a – what I think of as beautiful – tree.  It’s not really big or grand, but it has a beautiful shape to it and spreads out across the neighbor’s yard yielding quite a bit of shade.  The tree is just a part of a picture that is calming and tranquil.  And I love it.

When I am in a plane on my way to any place I always want the window seat.  I love looking out at the sky, clouds, and down at the world.  Wondering where the tiny cars are going, who lives in the cul de sacs, farmhouses, and tall apartment buildings.  At night the scene is even more brilliant or dark depending upon if we are over a large city or country.  And as we approach our destination be it home or some great vacation spot it’s with anticipation that I view the world from the tiny window.

When going to visit our youngest daughter in approaching her house and pulling into her driveway; her dog, our grandpup, always thrusts her front paws upon the window sill and she looks out at us.  Prejudiced maybe but she is the cutest dog in the world and although you can’t see it you know her tail is wagging like crazy.

When I was probably about six years old my mom decided that she, my brother, and I would take the train to visit my grandma out of town for a couple of weeks.  My dad took us to the train station and I remember hugging him really hard thinking about how much I would miss him while we were gone.  As the train left the city, my mom, brother, and I saw him through our train seat window.  He had drove to a nearby parking lot at which he knew the route would take us.  Standing outside the car he waved and blew kisses at us as the train went by.  That scene plays out in my mind from time to time when I miss him now.  Once in a while we still drive by that parking lot for whatever reason and I remember the train window and his standing there waving goodbye. And blowing kisses.

My oldest daughter decided to go away to college.  I was delighted for her and we helped her move to the college town as it was only about 100 miles away.  She came back home to stay the weekend after we got all her things placed in her dorm room.  Then Sunday came along and it was time for her to go.  We hugged and I was fine.  She said I’ll see you soon and I was fine.  She got in her car and waved from inside.  Seeing her through the car window waving and driving gave me a pain that felt like a sharp large woodsman’s axe just cut my heart in two.  I wasn’t fine.

Windows are a way to see the world and what’s in it while waiting to participate.  Windows provide a sanctuary though only temporarily.  In looking through windows we can anticipate, dream, or just take it all in.  Windows are like pictures.  They provide a story.  We fill in the blanks.

One more window.  That is the fast food window at my local drive-in restaurant.  I know.  It’s not good for you, chockfull of fat and calories, etc., etc. However, on some given days seeking that smiling face handing me god knows what kind of concoction I ordered (popcorn chicken, jalapeno poppers, fried chicken snack wrap) in a cheery white sack is all I need. That and a clear car windshield window to see out of as I drive home to snack and watch quality TV, The Real Housewives of Whatever from the window of all windows, the television set.

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