Shopping the Perimeter

Grocery cart

It is a well-known fact that in order to lead a healthy life one must eat fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish.  Okay, maybe some legumes/nuts, certain grains (quinoa is currently having its fifteen minutes), and well, tea – black, green, maybe burnt sienna. 

 In the arena of grocery store shopping those health enthusiasts tell us to shop the perimeter of the store.  There you will find the fresh vegetables and fruits.  You will also find the fish and meat counter where all varieties of protein-laden foods are displayed and easily purchased.

 Oh, but stay away from the middle.  Do not venture into the land of crackers, cookies, chips, and cake mixes.  You will only find decadence and folly there.  And, you will not come out of the place unscathed.  Because you see, you will be forever sullied and will live a life of regret, with chocolate or peanut butter smeared on your face.  Like the mark of the Little Debbie God, or Goddess I suppose.

 Okay, you know where I’m going with this don’t you?  That’s right, a bad analogy.  But that is what I do best, bad analogies.  So, here goes.  Consider life as a grocery store.  Auntie Mame had a much better analogy, “Life is a banquet!”  Right?  So, I am not too far off.

 Besides, grocery store shopping is a great experience.  One of life’s best.  There are so many foods, drinks, people, choices, and paper goods.  Life IS like that.  Full of choices, foods, people, and all kinds of paper; red tape, forms, mail, paper towels. 

 In this grocery store called life you grab your cart, never a basket, because you have so much to load up on.  If life is a banquet I want color from the salad bar, saltiness from the salsa and chips, seasoning from the jerk chicken, and variety from the cheese station.  I must have a bit of sour taste from oil and vinegar and I most definitely want sweet from the desserts.  I dare say I am not going to only shop the perimeter. 

 So, don’t make me choose between cauliflower and gelato.  I know I need balance.  But a balanced diet for me is a balance between the stuff that is good for me and the stuff that is just good.  It’s that way in life.  Auntie Mame also said after “Life is a banquet” this gem; “and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  You won’t starve to death by shopping the perimeter of a store or life for that matter, but you definitely will be missing out.  On ice cream and living.  


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