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Jay Gatsby and the Lawn

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My husband and I just finished mowing the lawn.  Now I know by the end of the summer I will detest this job but right now I love it.  During the spring and early summer months it is sheer bliss to walk behind the mower as it cuts a fresh new path through lush green grass. There’s something about a freshly mowed lawn.  Particularly before the heat and dry conditions take over making the yard look like another world wasteland. 

Right now the lawn resembles Hole Number 13 at the Augusta National.  It’s gorgeous.  No dry patches anywhere.  No evidence of moles, weeds, or random dry leaves.  Just green and luxurious grass.  As I gaze out at this calming and soothing lawn I can’t help but create a vision in my mind. 

I see myself sitting under our apple tree drinking some sort of foo-foo fruity umbrella infested drink.  I have on a grossly huge brimmed yellow hat and a long flowy sundress.  Of course I am bare-footed.  Laughing. Heartily.

Who am I laughing with?  My husband and an assortment of summer people of course, including a Jay Gatsby look-a-like.  My husband is wearing a white suit with a blue polka dot ascot underneath.  Does he look worried about grass stains on his suit? – pshaw!  Our maid servant will take care of that! 

With our assortment of summer people surrounding us we look like a photo shoot from a summer edition of Vanity Fair.  We say things like “Oh, dahhling, have you seen the Portrait (pronounced poh-trit) Gallery?” And “Do you have the name of a good servant for my yacht (pronounced yot with a long ‘o’) .

I am almost transported to this place in my self-created Gatsby imagery when my husband hollers at me from across the yard “Hey hon, looks good.  How about we run to The Burger Shack for a double cheese and rings?”

“Sounds good”, I holler back. “Do they have mint juleps there?”  He looks at me with his normal ‘what the heck are you talking about’ look that I get a lot.  I say ‘Never mind’.  I blow a kiss to Jay as I walk out of the yard and into our car for the best greasy burger this side of the Kentucky Derby.