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Little Lies

Lies too

I just heard a story on NPR about fibbing.  The premise had to do with the fact that as we go through our day as humans we are predisposed to tell the truth more during the early hours of our day and then as our day wanes into the late afternoon we begin telling little lies.  The little lies become bigger ones as our day grows old.  I suppose by the time we go to bed some of us are lying in our sleep, literally.

I don’t know if the cause has something to do with our freshness in the morning and how on some days that freshness can evolve into a really stale and rotten day.  I have had plenty of days like that.  I’m sure so have you.  It’s really hard to be optimistic and sunny with that first cup of coffee and yet have that inner knowledge that something may be coming towards you at break neck speed that will totally wreak havoc on your lovely day.   And by the time the clock ticks past noon you simply don’t care.  Or you care too much.  A lie is so easy.  And you’re tired.   

But by the end of the day when you don’t know your left from your right anyway what becomes of your lie?  Do you even remember what you lied about?  Some people almost require a spreadsheet to keep their ‘web of deception’ under control.  That must be so much more tiring than just telling the truth.  

I hope that if after a very hard day or just when I am plain wore out I will have the wherewithal to say  “Hey, that’s it.  I’m done.  I believe it is a good idea for me to keep my mouth shut.”  And that would not be a lie.