Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

Willy Nilly Questions

George by

The definition for “willy nilly” when googled says “whether one likes it or not”.  I always think of the term as meaning ‘here or there’.  Also perceived as ‘take it or leave it’, ‘whether or not’.

So, here are some willy nilly questions.  There are so many puzzles out there, willy nilly – and not enough answers.  Don’t you think?  For instance:

  1. If George Washington had a Pinterest board would it look something like this? (see above)
  2. Why is it I look good in indigo blue but not purple?
  3. When will all the fast food drive-thrus realize that grlld chkn on their read-back menu board doesn’t mean hamburger with mustard?
  4. When is Hillary going to announce?
  5. Whatever happened to Viggo Mortensen?
  6. At the grocery store, what happens if you take 13 items to the 12 items or less cash register?
  7. If red is a symbol for love and/or power why are stoplights red?
  8. Whatever happened to Josh Hartnett?
  9. As an astronaut in space not sticking to any particular time zones when does one eat breakfast?
  10. Why doesn’t Victoria Beckham smile?
  11. If Henry Ford were alive today, would he drive an F150 or a Focus?
  12. If David Copperfield can make the Statue of Liberty disappear why can’t he make email spam disappear?
  13. How is it that when you show up at an event wearing the very same identical dress as someone else they always look better?
  14. Does someone eating popcorn in a forest make any noise or is it just very loud in a movie theater?
  15. Who decided that the old fashioned ringing telephone is a good ringtone for a cell phone?
  16. If Santa held a raucous party and invited all his friends would his Facebook page fill up with Elfy Selfie posts?
  17. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Rooney Mara married George Clooney?
  18. Why is a “Cinnabon” classic cinnamon roll 880 calories and one cup of chopped broccoli is 31?
  19. When will social media launch a website encouraging weight loss and dub it “Virtual Lunch” tagline: We text our menu, you don’t eat but think you do.”?
  20. Okay, there is now a luxury model car with heated/cooling cup holders.  When will there be a model with a mini vending machine included?  I really want my pizza warm and I want it now!

What haunting questions do you have?