It snowed here today.  I know that there is a huge controversy regarding snow.  Opinions right and left.  I happen to be one of those crazy people that truly love the snow and the clouds full of snow hovering over our house, our world.  At least in winter; to snow in the spring and fall, well, that’s a little over the top.

The sad thing for me is that in a blink of an eye the snow can be gone.  At least here in Missouri.  And the next day can be balmy and downright warm.  I hate that.  I am a weather traditionalist.  Cold and snow in winter, hot and sunny in summer.  And fall and spring?  Never happens here anymore.  Or it appears anywhere.  I guess the meteorologists refer to this phenomenon as ‘extreme weather.’

As a teenager I belonged to a singing group in school.  The triple-trio – all girls.  Our big hit at the school Christmas concert was “Marshmallow World.” A song destined to be a Christmas classic (although Christmas is not mentioned in the song at all).  The song describes a scene in which the snow looks like billowy marshmallow, all white, soft smoothness.  We sang Marshmallow World at community halls, rest homes, grade schools, and anyplace that had that certain exclusive club feel.  Or, to put it another way, any place that would listen to us.

As I stated earlier in posts, etc. I can relate any subject to food.  That is probably why Marshmallow World is such a vivid memory for me.  Snow does look like marshmallows.  The kind that come in a jar for making fudge and whatnot. Snow can also look like white wedding cake icing.  Or if it doesn’t coat the ground, like icing topping off a delicious cinnamon roll.

It can glisten too. Especially if the sun is shining.  There is nothing more beautiful than snow on a sunny day.  Kind of an oxymoron, completely extreme.  Snow should be associated with cloudy days, sun with hot ones.  Guess that’s why I like both, snow and sun.  And dark and light, ice cream and hot chocolate.  Something to be said about extremes. 

Marshmallows are made by adding cold water to the other ingredients and then heating to a very extreme degree.  Snow is made from water as vapor at a temperature of freezing or below.  Extremes, something we can all depend on.  And deal with, in our own way.  The snow here is starting to melt already.  The sun can’t be too far away.

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